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Dungeon in Brightwall
Location Information
Related Quests A New Hero
An Ancient Key
An Evil Presence
The Pen is Mightier...
Enemies Hollow Men
NPCs Saul
Exits Brightwall Academy
The Prism

The Reliquary is a dungeon located beneath the Brightwall Academy. It was created by the Hero of Bowerstone to affirm a person's status of Hero.

Built during Old Hero King's/Queen's reign, the Reliquary is a secret to nearly all of the citizens of Brightwall, with the exception of Samuel, the librarian and custodian of the Academy and the unknown architect who built the Reliquary. Samuel was entrusted to help the next Hero who carried the Guild Seal into the Reliquary, which would only open when the Seal is placed on the door, although according to Jones, the old skeleton inside, there is also a secret entrance on the other side of Mistpeak. Inside, vast hallways of shelves lined with ancient books are found, and great stairways wrap around the walls. Also found inside are hordes of Hollow Men, whose wisps float around, waiting for some unwary explorer to walk in their midst.

The Hero of Brightwall was tasked by Sabine in the Dweller Camp to enter the dungeon and retrieve one of the relics inside it for him in order to prove he/she is really a hero and he/she unlocks the door to it with his/her Guild Seal. After entering, the Hero fought through the Hollow Men infested halls and came into a chamber containing only one thing: a small Music Box upon a dais. After picking it up, the Hero was instantly transported back to the Road to Rule, where Theresa showed him/her a vision of how far Logan has fallen into madness. The Hero soon left afterwards, leaving the old halls silent again.

Many more chambers can be found but they require special keys gained in the quests An Ancient Key and An Evil Presence. They contain many books and hordes of Hollow Men.

There is also a Golden Door, which has a Cullis Gate leading to The Prism.


Two silver keys, a silver key chest, two gnomes and three rare books may be found inside the Reliquary, along several regular chests, dig spots and one dive spot.


  • Strangely there are chambers of "lost knowledge" in the Reliquary, even though it can't be more than fifty years old.
  • Searching bookcases in the Reliquary will sometimes yield the following description: "A series of books detailing the horrid, prophetic nightmares of the mad monk Silvestre Magus. The final one is simply called 'Darkness Descends on Albion'." This foreshadows an event that will befall the Hero and all of Albion in Fable III, and confirms that Silvestre Magus may indeed have had precognitive abilities.

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