Rebel Chicken
Rebel Chicken
Species Chicken
Gender Female
Enemies Human society
First Appearance Fable III,
Opening cinematic
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Alive
Rebel Chicken is the chicken from the opening cinematic of Fable III. It chose to stand up to its oppressor (the man pulling the cart full of chickens) and rebelled by escaping. The first place the chicken makes a run for freedom is Bowerstone Industrial. It runs past a beggar and a few more stalls into a firing line, on top of a convict's bald head. The guards take aim and fire sending the chicken flying over a ledge through a window, into a factory. It is then bashed and burned into a black kettle and packed up into a box. The last location It flees to is in the royal kitchens in Bowerstone Castle where it is discovered by the chef. He chases it around destroying equipment and ingredients. He finally takes out a rifle and shoots it outside by the statue, thus ending its bid for freedom.

However, it is possible that the chicken still lives. After meeting with your childhood sweetheart, (Elise or Elliot depending on the Hero's gender) when you approach the kitchen, you can see a black chicken fluttering its wings out the door in a near cinematic way, before landing and turning into a basic chicken again.

In the PC version, if you follow the chicken until the end of its path, and kick it, it explodes into a bloody, feathery heap.


  • The chicken runs through two different regions in the opening scene: Bowerstone Industrial and Bowerstone Castle.
  • The journey the rebel chicken takes represents the one that the Hero will take throughout the game. Although one can rebel against their leaders, one will need allies to succeed.


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