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Reaver's Unmentionables
Reaver's Unmentionables.jpg
Type Side Quest
Preceding The Masquerade
Succeeding None
Start Bowerstone Market
End Bowerstone Market
Reward 5 Guild Seals

Reaver's Unmentionables is a quest in Fable III which becomes available following the infiltration of Reaver's "secret society" masquerade party with Page. You can locate the quest giver by using the Sanctuary's map table's quest list (Y while on the map) to select "Reaver's Unmentionables" as the target quest and following the glowing trail. It is good to keep in mind that Balverines now inhabit the Millfields area, which makes it considerably more dangerous for those melee combatants with slow reflexes.


In Bowerstone Market, a crazed fan, Benjamina, requests a pair of "Reaver's Unmentionables" to complete her psychotic collection of Reaver memorabilia. You may then fast travel to Millfields, where Reaver's mansion is located. Following the glowing trail, you come to the mansion and may enter without event (because Reaver has conveniently relocated to a safer locale). From this point, you may follow the glowing trail to a bedroom. Approach the bookshelf to the left of the fireplace and activate it, opening a secret passageway. The glowing trail will continue to lead you further into the mansion.

The second bedroom you come to is slightly more valuable (with its cages and condoms and whatnot). Of course, the quest item, a fabulous pair of deep crimson boxers, on the end table to the right (if looking at the bed) is probably the item that would be most important. After retrieving the item, you may Fast Travel back to the crazed fan to collect your reward.


Get a pair of Reaver's underpants for his obsessive fan, Benjamina.


You have obtained a pair of... Well, what happened was, you managed to acquire... Benjamina wanted... Look, you know what you did.


  • There is also a silver key behind Reaver's bed in the second bedroom.
  • Reaver's fan claims to own a blood stained photograph of Reaver. This is most likely the photograph Barnum took of Reaver in Fable II. Reaver shot Barnum after the picture was taken because he was dissatisfied with the three month development process.
  • In the second bedroom, you may see what appears to be a rabbit crazily running around. Although it refrains from leaving the room, it rapidly runs away from you if you make an attempt to go near it.

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