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Reaver's Rear Passage
Cave in Bloodstone
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Location Information
Related Quests Bloodstone Assault
The Archaeologist
Enemies Spire Guards
NPCs Reaver
Exits Bloodstone
Smuggler's Beach

Reaver's Rear Passage is a series of caves and tunnels that connect Bloodstone Mansion to a secluded beach used by smugglers to carry in supplies.

The Hero makes their way through this secret passage during the Bloodstone Assault quest. Reaver leads the Hero to the beach on the other side, after Lucien has sent guards to overrun the town and capture the Hero. Both meet and dispatch many Spire Guards along the way. Reaver reveals several interesting facts about himself throughout the journey. He asks the Hero if they admire his weapon, and then goes on to explain that he carries a Dragonstomper .48. He also comments that his weapon is only one of six ever created. He claims to have killed the other four owners and presumably has their pistols in his possession.

He mentions that the passage hadn't been used for over 300 years except for one time he went there because an angry lover, Penelope, decided to burn his mansion down while he was sleeping. He states "...with Andrew, as I recall," suggesting that he is bisexual.

After reaching the beach, Reaver will detonate some explosives that will cause a small avalanche and block the exit to the beach. There will also be a landslide inside the tunnel, resulting in the entrance to the last caves in the passage being blocked and access to the beach will become impossible. However this will not affect the game, as there are no important items to be found in those areas.


  • The Archaeologist quest will require the Hero to retrieve the last ancient scroll from this cave.
  • After recruiting Reaver, the entrance to Reaver's Rear Passage is inhabited with bandits, however the rest of the cave is inhabited by hobbes.
  • The name "Reaver's Rear Passage" is possibly a play on words refering to Reaver's sexuality in the game.