Reaver's Dark Seal
Reaver's Dark Seal
Type Object
Source Reaver
Related Quests Returning the Dark Seal
Base value 5 gold
Stars 1star
"See? See that little objet d'art?"
— Reaver pointing out the Dark Seal to the Hero of Bowerstone

Reaver's Dark Seal was a bizarre object that was kept by Reaver to ensure his eternal youth after his betrayal of Oakvale. To retain his youth, he needed to recruit another person to return the Dark Seal to the Shadow Court. This would drain the person of their youth and transfer it to Reaver.


Holding the seal fills you with a profound sense of dread. It feels heavier than it looks, and its edges cut into your fingers.


  • In Fable II, after sacrificing either your youth or the girl's youth at the Shadow Court, the Hero never returns the seal to Reaver. This is strange because Reaver needs it in order to make his sacrifice, but it is implied he gets it back eventually because he continues to make sacrifices in Fable III.

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