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Ravenscar Keep
Traitor's Keep Island
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Location Information
Related Quests The Traitor's Keep
Heroes and Villains

Undeath Sentence
Prison Management for Beginners

Enemies Mercenaries
NPCs Commander Milton
Lieutenant Hadley
Prison Guards
Exits Bowerstone Old Quarter
Clockwork Island
Godwin Estate

Ravenscar Keep is the most secure prison in Albion during the time of Fable III, and houses its most dangerous criminals as well as anyone else Logan had imprisoned during his reign. Notable prisoners include Professor Faraday, Witchcraft Mary, and General Turner. Ravenscar Keep is situated on an island south of mainland Albion, and is the first new region introduced in the Traitor's Keep DLC.


  • General Turner's five diary entries can be found throughout the prison and grounds. A list of their locations can be found here.
  • The Prisoner Suit can be found in chests scattered across the island, and is required to open the Ravenscar Keep Demon Door.
  • There are eight golden skulls hidden throughout the interior of the prison. Finding and shooting them all will open the path to an East Hare Egg.


  • During development of Fable II, Oakfield was originally named Ravenscar, but was changed because the name sounded too dark for the peaceful region.
  • Ravenscar is the only area in Fable III where elite soldiers can be found after becoming Ruler of Albion.
  • A note written by a prison guard named Arthur can be found on a table in the armoury. He writes that a fellow guard named Dennis had proposed that a course be set up and the inmates made to race for the guards' amusement. This is a reference to Bargate Prison in Fable and Fable: TLC, where the Hero and the other inmates were forced to race around the prison, an event that ultimately lead to his escape. The author finishes by saying, "...something tells me it's a bad idea."
  • Ravenscar Keep was used by the Hero of Bowerstone, as shown when Commander Milton tells the Hero that their mother/father used it to send their enemies away. This suggests the Keep could be less than fifty years old (the time difference between the end of Fable II and the beginning of Fable III), although it could have existed prior and the exact date of its construction, and thus its age, is unknown.
  • One of the cells features a poorly-hidden escape tunnel behind a partition, leading to a ledge you can vault down from to join the tunnel route you use the first time you enter the prison via the Pit. Throughout the tunnel there are notes detailing the prisoners' escape, including the idea of making decoy Papier-mâché heads, complete with real hair. This is a reference to the June 1962 escape made by American criminals Clarence Anglin, John Anglin, Frank Morris, and Allen West from Alcatraz Island.

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