Town in Albion
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Featured in Fable: Theresa

Ravenbeak is a town in Albion that appears in the novel Fable: Theresa.

Lying a two day journey away lies the eastern mountain range known as the Ravenwing Mountains. Made famous by the intricate series of tunnels within and the swarms of rockmites that make it their home, both the mountains and the town are named after the legendary Will user named Raven, whose power caused some to claim that he was a descendant of gods who carved the entire area from the nearby mountains and forests.

After failing to protect a merchant's daughter named Gretta, the adventurer Elijah Stane ventured to Ravenbeak in shame, residing on the streets as a drunkard. He remained drunken and miserable, continously contemplating his failure to protect his charge, until he met the Seer, Theresa, who wanted to recruit him to find a mythical cure for second sight.