Ransom Locke
Ransom Locke
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Brightwall
First Appearance Fable III - Missing Play
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Alive

Ransom Locke is a character in Fable III. He is a famous detective, hired by Lambert and Pinch to locate and retrieve a book in the quest "Missing Play". He was instead absorbed into the book and aids the Hero in acting out Philipth Morley's most famous plays in order to escape. Locke announces his retirement shortly after the hero completes this quest.


  • Ransom Locke is based on the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, and the C.S. Lewis character, Dr. Ransom.
  • Ransom Locke may be related to another Fable character, Quentin Locke. Quentin, from Fable: The Balverine Order, is an aging man of great intelligence.
  • Ransom was a fan of Philipth Morley's play about a mercenary called "Titus the Mutilator" as a child, owning Titus' pyjamas and watching the play every weekend at his local theatre, wishing for Titus to survive in the final scene.
  • Although a huge fan of plays himself, Locke admits to being a very poor actor and having absolutely no interest in taking acting lessons. This explains why he was unable to escape Morley's book in the first place.

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