Raise Dead is a spell in Fable II.


Summon the spectral shadows of fallen creatures to fight by your side.


Level Cost Shadows Summoned Duration Special Conditions
1 500 2 8 Flourish invulnerability
2 3,000 3 12 Flourish invulnerability
3 18,000 4 18 Invulnerable
4 72,000 4 25 Invulnerable
5 216,000 5 35 Invulnerable


  • The Area of Effect version of the spell and the directed version are the same. Aiming this spell at a target merely summons the spirits around the targeted enemy, as opposed to summoning them around you.
    • However, the ranged spell charges slower then the surround spell, it is suggested to charge, then aim the spell.
  • Using this spell after enemies have died summons more powerful skeletal minions. If you use it without corpses lying around, it summons weaker, Hobbe-like creatures.
  • For the most part, enemies will attack your summoned creatures instead of you during the duration of the spell. In this way, Raise Dead is a good method to avoid damage to your character.
  • Dead guards souls will not be summoned with this spell.
  • The Raise Dead spell will not re-resurrect the souls of defeated Hollow Men, possibly as the Wisps are souls who have long since been "alive". However, the Hollow Men from the Colosseum can be resurrected by this spell.
    • Though the same rules should probably apply to Captain Dread's ghost pirates, once defeated their souls are controllable through the Raise Dead spell.
  • Often, although not always, the Shadows who infest the Shadow Court and the Temple of Shadows have souls which can be resurrected.
  • Will users should avoid this spell as the summoned beings will crowd around enemies and block your spells from making contact in targeted form. Melee and ranged weapons are not blocked however, making this spell far more useful for users of these combat methods.
  • Almost all defeated enemies that leave bodies (except guards and Hollow Men) can be resurrected in this way.
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