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Quests are the main parts of the overall story, or separate side-stories, in the Fable series which can result in a reward of gold, renown, both or other. They can be optional or compulsory. They usually include various objectives.

Fable, The Lost Chapters, and Anniversary[]

There are three types of Quests in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary; Gold, Silver, and Bronze Quests. Gold Quests advance the player through the game's main storyline and are usually picked up from the Map Table at the Heroes' Guild, but can occasionally be obtained through other means. Silver Quests are optional and are not required to beat the game, but are a good source of money, renown, and experience. As with Gold Quests, Silver Quests can be picked up from the Map Table at the Heroes' Guild but can occasionally be obtained through other means. Bronze Quests are similar to Silver Quests but are not given to you by the Heroes' Guild and are instead given by people found across Albion. Several of these quests are open-ended and have no real end.


See Boasts.


See Trophies.

Gold Quests[]

TLC & Anniversary Gold Quests[]

Silver Quests[]

Uncompletable Quests[]

TLC & Silver Quests[]

Bronze Quests[]

TLC & Anniversary Bronze Quests[]

Fable II[]

In Fable II there are two types of quests: Main Quests, which progress the storyline, and Side Quests, which earn you renown and other rewards. In addition to these, there are quests added by downloadable content: Weather Quests from Knothole Island, and Murgo's Quests from See the Future.

Main Quests[]

The main quest is arranged in groups. You will recieve a conclusion card at the end of each.

Side Quests[]

Repeatable Quests[]

Weather Quests[]

These quests were added in the Fable II Downloadable Content Knothole Island.

Murgo's Quests[]

These quests were added in the Fable II Downloadable Content See the Future.

Fable III[]

There are three types of quests available in Fable III: Main, Side and Relationship Quests. Main Quests drive the story forward in a linear fashion and are structured to be completed at your own pace. Side Quests appear throughout the story, are optional and have minimal impact on the main story. Relationship Quests are similar to the original Fable's Bronze Quests in their interaction with the inhabitants of Albion. They are an integral part of Fable III and will be performed throughout the game. Fable III has replaced renown with Guild Seals. Each quest you complete will reward a set number of Guild Seals.

Main Quests[]

Side Quests[]

Criminals to Jail Quests[]

Villagers to Work Quests[]

Limited Collectors Edition Quest[]

DLC Quests[]

Fable: The Journey[]

Fable: The Journey does not have any side quests. Instead, Optional Stops are built into the main story.

Chapter 1[]

Chapter 2[]

  • Thorndeep
  • The Scratchvein Hobbes
  • New Friends, Old Problems
  • Death in the Afternoon
  • The Forge of Fire
  • Reunions and Partings

Chapter 3[]

  • Miremoor
  • Bladebarrow
  • The Good Samaritan
  • The Fallen Fen
  • The Crossing
  • Separation
  • The Shattered Prism
  • In Sheep's Clothing

Chapter 4[]

  • On Familiar Ground
  • The Descent
  • The Kraken's Teeth
  • Journey's End

Fable Legends[]


Fable Legends Content
This section contains information mainly related to Fable Legends and is considered canon to such game.
Due to Fable Legends’ cancelation on 7th March 2016, its canonicity status within the Fable series is uncertain.

It is now known that Fable Legends didn’t feature a single main storyline with side quests like the standard rpg model, such as the other Fable titles, but instead, the quests that were released during the time the beta version of Fable Legends was accessible, were arranged in distinct groups/narratives, each one with the same plot significance and no connection between their respective stories whatsoever.

In total, twelve quests were released, with eleven being arranged in three narratives (called “Tales”) and the last one being the Prologue, which served as a tutorial level at the beginning of the game. All quests could be freely played after being progressively unlocked while playing through their respective Tales.

List of released Tales and Quests[]

A Tale of Roses[]

  1. The King: Lost in the Rosewoods
  2. The Seer: The Missing Seer
  3. The Lady: The Lady’s Tale
  4. The Sleeper: Asleep in the Roses
  5. Rhubarb: Rhubarb Crumbles
  6. Brightlodge: At the Gates of Brightlodge

A Tale of History[]

  1. The Doors: The Demon Doors
  2. The Moon: The Moon-on-a-Stick

A Tale of Mischief[]

  1. The Vegetables: A Harvest Tale
  2. The Lost Village: Snapbranch’s Revenge
  3. The Stage: Flight of the Sandgoose