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Quests are the main parts of the overall story, or separate side-stories, in the Fable series which can result in a reward of gold, renown, both or other. They can be optional or compulsory. They usually include various objectives.

Fable and The Lost Chapters Edit

There are four types of Quests in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters; Gold, Silver, Bronze and Side Quests. Gold Quests are the Main Quests to help you progress in the games story line. Silver Quests are optional quests that are not part of the main storyline in the game. Despite being optional, these quests are a good source of money, renown and experience. Most Silver Quests are available at the Heroes' Guild in the form of Quest Cards, however, some of them are started by interacting with some NPCs, such as the trader in Orchard Farm Escort. The Bronze Quests are not given to you by the Heroes' Guild, but by the people of Albion, and also do not progress the storyline. And finally, Side Quests are very minor quests, like helping out a beggar or winning a race.

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Fable II Edit

In Fable II there are two types of quests: Main Quests, which progress the storyline, and Side Quests, which earn you renown and other rewards. In addition to these, there are quests added by downloadable content: Weather Quests from Knothole Island, and Murgo's Quests from See the Future.

Main Quests Edit

The main quest is arranged in groups. You will recieve a conclusion card at the end of each.

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Weather Quests Edit

These quests were added in the Fable II Downloadable Content Knothole Island.

Murgo's Quests Edit

These quests were added in the Fable II Downloadable Content See the Future.

Fable III Edit

There are three types of quests available in Fable III: Main, Side and Relationship Quests. Main Quests drive the story forward in a linear fashion and are structured to be completed at your own pace. Side Quests appear throughout the story, are optional and have minimal impact on the main story. Relationship Quests are similar to the original Fable's Bronze Quests in their interaction with the inhabitants of Albion. They are an integral part of Fable III and will be performed throughout the game. Fable III has replaced renown with Guild Seals. Each quest you complete will reward a set number of Guild Seals.

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Fable: The Journey Edit

Fable: The Journey does not have any side quests. Instead, Optional Stops are built into the main story.

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