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Protect Orchard Farm
Quest Card Emblem.png
Type Gold Quest Icon.png Gold Quest
Preceding Maze's Information
Succeeding Trader Escort
Start Orchard Farm
End Orchard Farm
Reward 750 Gold
400 Renown
Trophies Whisper's Brooch
Boasts 5

Protect Orchard Farm is one of two different quests that the Hero of Oakvale can accept in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary that involve Orchard Farm, a farm in Greatwood famous for apples which makes the infamous drink Scrumpy. It was also home to some artifacts, wanted by Bandits. The Hero must assist Guards protecting several crates in Orchard Farm belonging to the farmer, Isiah.

Quest Summary[]

Help the Guards defend Orchard Farm from a Bandit assault.


No Protection[]

Boast: Do the Quest naked.
Wager: 80 Gold
Reward: 160 Gold

Without A Scratch[]

Boast: Take no damage.
Wager: 100 Gold
Reward: 400 Gold

Fist Fighter[]

Boast: Don't use weapons or any aggressive magic.
Wager: 100 Gold
Reward: 300 Gold

Protect Property[]

Boast: Make sure no boxes or artifacts are stolen.
Wager: 80 Gold
Reward: 160 Gold

Protect Guards[]

Boast: Ensure that no Guards will die.
Wager: 100 Gold
Reward: 250 Gold


When the Hero enters Orchard Farm, he will be greeted by a relieved Isiah the farmer, who was worried that no Hero would accept his request with his meagre offer of payment (750 gold). He will instruct the Hero to guard the boxes in his barn. He then leaves on the pretence of comforting his wife, who has been terrified by the unwanted attention the boxes have been bringing. The bandits attack in three different waves, usually with three or four bandits each wave. After defeating them all, Whisper (who had taken the opposite quest card) confronts you, demanding for a rematch. She first ensures that you know how to flourish, guarding against your attacks until you use a flourish, at which point she fights back. However, this battle is still as easy as the last one, and Whisper goes down without much effort. After this, Whisper flees, and Isiah and his wife come and congratulate the Hero on his success, promising to tell everyone of the Hero and his deeds for them.

Quest Failures[]

  • If the bandits manage to steal all 3 boxes, the quest will fail.


  • Both Whisper and Isiah reveal that Lady Grey placed the opposite quest card at the guild.
  • Protect/Attack Orchard Farm is the the first Quest of which you can fail without dying

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