Traitors Keep 01

The Prostitute Suit is an outfit in Fable III added with the Traitor's Keep DLC. It can be obtained from chests located throughout Clockwork Island.


  • Prostitute Boots: From the Street of the Future, head towards the canals and factories. On the left, before the drop through the wall, is a ruined building. The boots can be found in a chest inside it.
  • Prostitute Stockings: Head to the factory roof with the crane and the generator, accessible from the factory at the end of the dried up canals. Cross the plank to the next building and follow the catwalk around to the left. Vault down to land beside the chest. (Minor note: gender does impact the type of clothing here described: the masculine Hero-Regent receives no stockings, instead a generic boxer-like adornment as opposed to the femininely-exclusive, more aesthetically sexually suggestive, fishnet-type lingerie.)
  • Prostitute Bustier: In the alleyway with the third generator, inaccessible during Like Clockwork. You will go right past it during Reconstruction.
  • Prostitute Gloves: From the Street of the Future, open the gate to the bridge that leads back to the area where you fought Faraday. Turn left after crossing the bridge, and the chest is at the end of the lane.
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