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Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity Fatness Base Value
Miasmic Cheese 1star This foul melty goo is not technically cheese, but you'd be wise not say that to its face. 20 -5.0 5.0 8
Howling Cheese 2stars Made with balverine milk. Just one more reason not having a nose can be an advantage in life. 40 0.0 5.0 13
Dairy Farm Cheese 3stars Nobody knows where the animals whose milk is used to make this cheese are kept. And so long as there's a steady supply to melt on toast or eat with a nice glass of wine, nobody cares. 80 5.0 5.0 21
Fairfax Delight Cheese 4stars Soft, pungent, and respectable, you and this cheese should get along fine. 160 10.0 5.0 36
Unicorn Cheese 5stars It's doubtful real unicorn milk is used to make this delicacy, but its exquisite taste and exorbitant price is enough to convince Albion's higher classes that no other cheese deserves to go on their sandwiches. 320 15.0 5.0 64

Fruits & VegetablesEdit


Name Stars Description Healing Points Exp. Purity Base Value
Rotten Apple 1star One thing you never want to hear from an apple: silence. 20 0.0 -5.0 10
Mealy Apple 2stars A lone worm inhabits this apple. It's not a feature, it's just a bug. 40 5 0.0 15
Russet Apple 3stars An apple a day keeps the Guildmaster away. 80 25 5.0 27
Shiny Apple 4stars Someone has buffed this baby to a blinding sheen. The crack as your teeth break the skin will be heard for miles. 160 125 10.0 66
Golden Apple 5stars Though containing no actual gold, the healthy effects of this delicious fruit are just as precious. 320 625 15.0 186


Name Stars Description Healing Points SKL Exp. Purity Base Value
Shriveled Carrot 1star In a certain light, it still looks orange. But then, so do you. 20 0.0 -5.0 10
Puny Carrot 2stars Well on its way to getting beaten up by cocktail carrots. 40 5 0.0 15
Homegrown Carrot 3stars Stiff, straight, and healthy, it's probably inappropriate to carry in your pocket. 80 25 5.0 27
Hydroponic Carrot 4stars The resounding crack of this crisp imperator focuses the mind. 160 125 10.0 63
Divine Carrot 5stars This mammoth root glows with a supernatural aura. 320 625 15.0 175


Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity Fatness Base Value
Expired Celery 1star If you're brave enough to eat this you'll be rewarded with negative net calories... and perhaps an upset stomach. 20 -5.0 -5.0% 10
Flaccid Celery 2stars Having lost its crunch, this floppy stalk is as healthy as it is unpleasant. 40 0 -5.0% 14
Crisp Celery 3stars A crunchy, fibrous vegetable which requires more calories to digest than it provides. 80 5.0 -5.0% 20
Lush Celery 4stars Too snobbish to be seen lying among other salad ingredients, this celery is more often seen languidly soaking its stalk in an expensive cocktail. 160 10.0 -5.0% 37
Sublime Celery 5stars This blessed stalk of righteousness is sure to help shed the pounds. 320 15.0 -5.0% 66

Meat & AlternativesEdit


Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity Will Exp. Base Value
Rancid Anchovy 1star You could use it as bait if only other fish were dumb enough to find it appetizing. 20 -15.0 0.0 7
Dubious Whitefish 2stars Anyone can fight Balverines. The truly adventurous scrimp on seafood. 40 -10.0 5 13
Westcliff Cod 3stars Caught off the coast of Westcliff where its bountiful presence should ensure it never goes extinct. 80 -7.0 25 26
Fresh Salmon 4stars Improves your Will and instills in you an inexplicable desire to swim upstream. 160 -5.0 125 61
Magnificent Tuna 5stars Caught exclusively by wizened old men, this dish tastes of epic struggle. Delicious, delicious struggle. 320 -1.0 625 172


Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity STR Exp. Fatness Base Value
Canned Mutton Product 1star Will leave you as strong and healthy-looking as this gelatinized cube of compressed sheep parts. 20 -20.0 0 5.0 6
Pre-sliced Mutton 2stars Paper thin with plenty of fat. 40 -15.0 5 5.0 12
Chicken-Fried Mutton 3stars This fatty dish contains no actual chicken. One more reason they deserve chasing. 80 -10.0 25 5.0 25
Mutton Cutlets 4stars Mighty taste for a mighty body. Fatty cuts for a... you get the idea. 160 -5.0 125 5.0 60
Mutton Tenderloin 5stars This ambrosial, impossibly tender cut will imbue you with the strength of a hundred, um, sheep. Still, that's a lot of sheep. 320 -1.0 625 5.0 172

Beef JerkyEdit

Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity STR Exp. Fatness Base Value
Rancid Beef Jerky 1star Nothing elevates you in the eyes of your peers like being seen gnawing a cut of truly rank jerky. 20 -20.0 0.0 2.5 6
Salty Beef Jerky 2stars It'll keep longer than you will. 40 -15.0 5 2.5 12
Travel-Ready Beef Jerky 3stars A passable table jerky, it tastes vaguely of salted meat. 80 -10.0 25 2.5 26
Organic Beef Jerky 4stars Cows must submit to years of training and rigorous study to achieve organic jerkyhood. 160 -5.0 125 2.5 61
Revelatory Beef Jerky 5stars Cured with the finest salts and aged in rosewood casks guarded by monks who have taken the vows of jerky abstinence. 320 0 625 2.5 172


Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity Base Value
Nasty Nuts 1star The Nasty brand of nuts is at least upfront about its singularly disgusting, and only barely nutty, product. 20 -5.0 8
Single-Seed Peanuts 2stars Even other peanuts don't want to be associated with these loser legumes. 40 0.0 13
Extra-Salted Peanuts 3stars Two peanuts were walking down the street, and they were assaulted. They had it coming. 80 5.0 21
Crucible Peanuts 4stars The peanuts of champions! Or at least the peanuts of people who sit safely in the stands while the champions get mauled to death. 160 10.0 36
Gold Roasted Peanuts 5stars The layer of honeyed gold covering these delicious peanuts is so slight, it melts in your mouth. 320 15.0 65


Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity Morality Base Value
Fermented Tofu 1star This rancid curd is supposedly a delicacy in some parts of Albion. It's covered in sticky slime and has the complex yet playful aroma of a dumpster in July. 20 5.0 5.0 9
Mushy Tofu 2stars On its way out, but still nutritious and cleansing. 40 10.0 5.0 14
Silken Tofu 3stars Though a tactile delight for the tongue, and healthy gift for your body neither will get much taste from this tofu. 80 15.0 5.0 23
Organic Tofu 4stars The food of choice for hippies everywhere. 160 20.0 5.0 38
Holy Tofu 5stars Coagulated and pressed in holy water, but the flavour is nothing special. 320 25.0 5.0 66

Crunchy ChickEdit

Note: Eating this food will give you evil points because you are eating a live, cute, baby chick.



Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity Exp. Fatness Base Value
Rancid Apple Pie 1star You can eat around the worms, but remember they're thinking the same thing about you. 40 -10.0 0 10.0 11
Crabapple Pie 2stars It doesn't taste like good crab, either. 80 -5.0 16 10.0 25
Apple Pie Pocket 3stars This bland, portable pastry has all the fat of a regular pie with half the flavour. 160 0.0 80 10.0 58
Amazing Apple Pie 3stars Delicious doesn't do justice to this pie. It can fully heal a hero in the midst of combat, and it actually makes you lose weight instead of gain it! As if that weren't enough, the special combination of magical spices gives you a hefty experience bonus. 160 0.0 80 -90.0 80
Homemade Apple Pie 4stars Salutary and delicious, it's enough to stop you from wondering whose home it was swiped from. 320 5.0 400 10.0 162
Erudite Apple Pie 5stars Humanity's first disobedience: Definitely the best one. 640 10.0 2000 10.0 534


Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity Will Exp. Fatness Base Value
Rancid Blueberry Pie 1star The blueberries in this pie are so sour they're more likely to dissolve your teeth than turn them blue. 40 -10.0 0 10.0 11
Crumbly Blueberry Pie 2stars Tastes like being the last person to know about a party. 80 -5.0 16 10.0 24
Country Blueberry Pie 3stars A little dented and worn, this pre-owned pie is a good starter pastry. 160 0.0 80 10.0 56
Fresh Baked Blueberry Pie 4stars Reminds you of childhood. Not yours, obviously. A good childhood. 320 5.0 400 10.0 153
Epiphanic Blueberry Pie 5stars Staring transfixed into the indigo glow, you gain a deeper understanding of the universe. 650 10.0 2000 10.0 496


Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity STR Exp. Fatness Base Value
Hollow Man Flesh Pie 1star The term "savoury" was never so ironically applicable. 40 -20.0 0 10.0 11
Kidney and 'Friends' Pie 2stars Some people consider this fatty meat pie a delicacy. And that's very sad. 80 -15.0 16 10.0 24
Bits O' Beef Pie 3stars If the meat seems a bit sparse, take smaller bites. 160 -10.0 80 10.0 56
Savoury Steak Pie 4stars If you see this mouthwatering pie and fret about weight gain, you need to re-examine your priorities. 320 -5.0 400 10.0 152
Filet Mignon Pie 5stars The soft flaky shell can barely contain the divine cuts of tender beef stuffed inside. 640 -1.0 2000 10.0 493




Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity Base Value
Rancid Water 1star This water has a rather sludgy consistency and smells faintly of eggs. You'd better be thirsty. 15 0.0 7 gold
Value Water 2stars It's warm and has a coppery taste, a bit like blood. 30 5.0 11 gold
Well Water 3stars Perfectly drinkable water from a town well. 60 10.0 18 gold
Spring Water 4stars Clear and pure, collected from the springs in the mountain ranges to the north. 120 15.0 30 gold
Sublime Water 5stars Crystal clear and extraordinarily pure, it tastes better than beer, chocolate and a sack of gold. 240 20.0 52 gold


Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity Exp. Fatness Base Value
Durian Fruit Juice 1star The sensory experience of this exotic, spiny fruit has been likened to 'custard passed through a sewer pipe' or 'eating one's favourite ice cream while sitting on the toilet'. The juice is not much better. 20 -5.0 0 0.1 8
Diluted Tomato Juice 2stars Yes, it's technically a fruit, but that doesn't mean it deserves to be juiced. This watery, vaguely salty concoction is only for the desperate. 40 0.0 5 0.1 14
Concentrated Apple Juice 3stars Once a semi-frozen cylinder, now a passable imitation of the real thing. 80 5.0 25 0.1 25
Quality Banana Juice 4stars Bananas have no juice to squeeze? Never you mind such trivial details -- this sweet concoction is healthful and delicious. 160 10.0 125 0.1 49
Mystical Juice 5stars Squeezed from clouds, pixies and pure thoughts, this juice is both delectable and extremely healthy. 320 15.0 625 0.1 118



Name Stars Description Healing Points STR Exp. Purity Fatness Base Value
Balverine's Spleen Beer 1star It's not just a sassily lowbrow beer name. It's also the ingredient list. 10 0 -20.0 10.0% 4
Gutter Beer 2stars This low-quality beer will coat your mouth with a bitter sheen of sadness. Best imbibed only after following several other drinks or a swift blow to the head. 20 5 -15.0 10.0% 8
Bowerstone Brown Beer 3stars This brew has been getting the population of Albion drunk for centuries. 40 25 -10.0 10.0% 18
Portentous Stout 4stars Make yourself drunk. Make others drunk. What's not to like? 80 125 -5.0 10.0% 46
Hoptimus Prime 5stars This is as good as beer gets. Transform yourself into a drunken pillar of health and strength with this superhuman brew. 160 625 -1.0 5.0% 145


Name Stars Description Healing Points Will Exp. Purity Fatness Base Value
Posionberry Stew 1star It is said that the feet of those treading poisonberries to make this wine are apt to turn green and fall off. On the other hand, if you don't mind a bit of rotgut and blindness, it will get you drunk fast. 10 0 -20.0 5.0% 4
Box Wine 2stars Evenly proportioned, almost hedonistic Voignier. Opens with pork rind, hairspray and hints of anise. 20 5 -15.0 5.0% 8
Table Wine 3stars Hints of vanilla, touches of oak, and whispers of fruity jam are purely imaginary in the bog-standard claret. 40 25 -10.0 5.0% 18
Classy Claret 4stars One would be able to detect hints of raspberry, honeydew and marmoset with one's nose, if one was a pompous ass. 80 125 -5.0 1.0% 46
The Tenebrous 5stars Also known in some circles as Tenbrous Vintage of Exsanguinated Shadows. An extremely rare and ancient wine made by the first of monks from the Temple of Shadows. Once used in ritual sacrifices, now sniffed, sipped and expectorated by the obscenely wealthy. 160 625 -1.0 0 145


Name Stars Description Healing Points SKL Exp. Purity Fatness Base Value
Oakfield Sour 1star Cocktail of Tabasco sauce, salt and possibly paint thinner. 10 0 -20.0 5.0 4
Sandgoose Rum 2stars Developed long ago by enterprising sailors who found that they could not drink sea water, the effects of this combination of rum and water are not unlike those of a burly boatswain punching you in the face. 20 5 -15.0 5.0 8
Hobbe's Water 3stars Despite its unappetizing name, this liquor has become immensely popular thanks to its affordability and the relatively few cases of blindness it has been known to cause. 40 25 -10.0 5.0 18
Any Port in a Storm 4stars Surprise, it's port. 80 125 -5.0 1.0 46
The Yellow Fairy 5stars Thusly named because you'll be turning yellow from the resulting liver damage. 250 proof, tastes like marshmallows. 160 625 -1.0 0 145
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