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The Prisoner Suit is an outfit in Fable III added with the Traitor's Keep DLC. It can be found in chests located across the island of Ravenscar Keep. You need the entire outfit to open the Demon Door on Ravenscar Keep island.


  • Prisoner Bandana: In a chest hidden in the small rock maze near the garden. To get to the garden, go down the left pathway when facing the bridge to the entrance of Ravenscar Keep.
  • Prisoner Top: In a chest located in the second cell on the left in the left wing of Ravenscar Keep (requires the quest Prison Management for Beginners to be in progress or complete).
  • Prisoner Shackles: In a chest which is accessed by vaulting off the rocks to the right of a hole in the wall of the garden area (the same hole which leads to the Demon Door).
  • Prisoner Trousers: In a chest at the end of the cemetery (requires the quest Undeath Sentence to be in progress or complete).
  • Prisoner Boots: In a chest behind the gallows over the fallen piece of fencing. To find the gallows, head in the opposite direction when facing the bridge to the entrance of Ravenscar Keep.

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