Disambiguous This article is about the Princess in The Game. For the Hero in Fable III, see Hero of Brightwall.
Princess Phrexia
Species Human
(Cardboard cut-out)
Gender Female
Home Lightwater Village
Relationships Hero of Brightwall (potential love interest)
Enemies Baron
First Appearance Fable III - The Game
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Alive
"Help me, Hero! You are my only hope!"
— Princess Phrexia

Princess Phrexia is a character in the game Hollows and Hobbes that appears in the Fable III quest The Game. She is kidnapped by the evil Baron and, after you rescue her, you can choose to kiss her or threaten her. Ben provides the voice for the Princess.


  • If the Hero is a female and chooses to kiss the princess, the Magi and Jim will say that the two girls kissing was hot. Ben disagrees, however, claiming that the affair was terribly clichéd.
  • Alternatively, if the Hero is male and kisses the princess, Ben adds that she kisses him, "only because she wants him to, being a strong, self-confident woman who chooses her own destiny."
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