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Pools of Sorrow
Demon Door Realm
Pools of Sorrow.jpg
Location Information
Exits Sunset House

Pools of Sorrow is the realm that can be accessed through the Demon Door outside Sunset House in Fable III. The door can only be opened once the Hero has become ruler of Albion.

Upon entry, you see a path which is being almost "held" by stone hands. There is a chest at the end of the path, and a message can be found on the pedestal behind the chest. Beyond the rail is a large pool of "tears" which is being "cried" into by a giant stone head with waterfalls coming from its eyes.

Contrary to popular belief, defeating Chesty is not required to open the Demon Door and access the Pools of Sorrow.


This is a message. It is a very important message. A message meant only for royal eyes. This is the message. You are about to read it. I'm not stalling. Really. The message is... Oh, look, I'm running out of space. Just have some gold.


The reward for opening this Demon Door is 1,000,000 gold. It's highly recommended that players open this Demon Door and claim the reward before the completion of The Weight of the World and the final battle with the Crawler, as it can be very beneficial to filling the castle's treasury.

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