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Pie Making

A Hero Pie Making.

Pie Making is a job in Fable III. You press the correct buttons (A,X, and Y) as they line up with the marker. The Pie Making job can be taken in Brightwall, between the clothing shop and the furniture shop, and in Bowerstone Market by the pie stall near the entrance to Bowerstone Industrial.

  • Level 1 Pie Making 6 - 60 Gold
  • Level 2 Pie Making 16 - 160 Gold
  • Level 3 Pie Making 40 - 400 Gold
  • Level 4 Pie Making 96 - 960 Gold
  • Level 5 Pie Making 336 - 3360 Gold

As the job begins you see a long bar at the bottom with coloured bars (these are associated with the buttons you need to press, green for A, blue for X and yellow for Y) as the slider goes over each bar you must press the correct button to make the pie, each successful pie increases the multiplier by 1 (max of 10), with each pie being more difficult than the last. Levels 1 through 3 only use green & blue bars, while 4 & 5 use green, blue & yellow.

It is important to note, however, that unlike Fable II, you do not rise in skill levels in your job (i.e., Level 1 to Level 2 pie making) simply by earning enough gold. Higher skill levels in Fable III are achieved by investing guild seals to unlock chests which have the "Pie Making Level..." heading (as you are facing it) on the Road to Rule.


  • Sometimes the Hero, roller and pie dish will be in the wrong position, causing the dough to appear as though it is being placed on thin air. This glitch allows the player to see inside the bowl and look at its contents, which appear to be mince or blackberries, due to its black texture.
  • Sometimes your hero, the rolling pin and the pie dish will become invisible. Here is a video for it.
  • The incorrect voice clip is played when the Prince finishes a pie, playing the Princess's voice clip rather than his own.

Quotes Edit

Quotes from the pie maker will reflect the quality of your pie making: do well and she will praise you, do poorly and she will be less impressed.


Successful Pie Edit

"Ooh, 'at's a good pie!"Edit

"Pie making perfection!"Edit

"Pie of the decade? Only time will tell."Edit

"I might have that for puddin' tonight."Edit


"Might keep that one for myself."Edit

"That crust looks divine!"Edit


Unsuccessful Pie Edit

"You mucky pup, tidy that up!"

"That was my favourite rolling pin!"

"You'll have to pay for that!"Edit

"Oh, be careful!"Edit

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