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FableIII philipth morley.jpg
Philipth Morley
Species Previously: Human
Currently: Ghost
Gender Male
First Appearance Fable (mentioned)
Last Appearance Fable III - Missing Play
Status Deceased

Philipth Morley was one of Albion's most celebrated writers and dramatists. His major works included "The Tailor's Tragedy" and "The Repentant Alchemist".

Fable III[]

He appears in Fable III as a ghost in the quest Missing Play. Lambert and Pinch, members of an acting troupe in Brightwall, beseech the Hero to help them recover Morley's "lost play," which is said to perfectly blend the styles of tragedy and comedy. When the Hero locates the play inside the Brightwall Academy, Morley's angry ghost appears and traps the Hero inside the book, proclaiming that his missing play (which he calls "worse than rubbish") must never be published. The Hero is then forced to act out scenes from three of Morley's plays in order to escape. Impressed with the Hero's versatility and acting prowess, Morley grants him/her his lost play, "The Ham Sandwich." The Hero then returns to the actors, who proceed to perform the play for a crowd of villagers. Unfortunately, as Morley feared, the play is terrible, leading one of the villagers to remark, "Worst play ever."

Known Works[]


  • In Fable: The Lost Chapters, the Hero of Oakvale can bring "The Tailor's Tragedy" and "The Repentant Alchemist" to Mr. Gout at the school in Bowerstone South during the quest Book Collection.
  • In Fable II, the Demon Door in Wraithmarsh, who claims to have once been Albion's greatest actor, boasts that Philipth Morley wrote some of his best works with him in mind. If the Hero of Bowerstone gathers an audience of ten villagers, the door will perform Morley's "The Repentant Alchemist."
  • His less famous brother, Andrewth, is buried in Mourningwood.
  • Morley's works could be influenced by Shakespeare, as Morley's plays use Shakesperean language and many of his plays take on themes and stories from Shakespeare's plays.
  • Due to the existence of "Titus the Mutilator, Part II", it is most likely that there is a "Titus the Mutilator, Part I".


"Turn back now, mortal one! Stay away from this accursed place! Only death and insanity await you! Seekest forbidden knowledge but shall find nought but damnation! DON'T PICK IT UP! NO! Really, I'm serious! You lot can't keep well enough alone, can you? Bloody literary tourists. Bane of my afterlife."
— Philipth Morley's repeated warnings to the Hero of Brightwall, regarding his lost play "The Ham Sandwich" in the quest Missing Play.

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