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Peirates Outfit
Peiratēs Pack
Effects 533 Armour
-10 Attractiveness
+61 Scariness
Source Oakvale (DLC)
Base value 1,028 Gold

Peirates Outfit is a part of the Peirates Pack pre-order DLC, which is available through pre-ordering Fable Anniversary from GameStop, and will later be available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.[1]

Peirates OutfitEdit

Peirates Hat

Peirates' unique hat style became synonymous with sea-plundering. The silhouette alone could strike fear into the heart of any seaman.

  • Location: Oakvale
  • Armour Rating: 83
  • Price: 195 Gold
  • Attractiveness: -10
  • Scariness: 10
  • Alignment Modifier: 0
Peirates Shirt

The shirt of Peirates was claimed to have stitched onto it a living Kraken tentacle. Upon closer inspection however, it appears to be a broken Kraken shell most likely found washed up on the shore. What a way to ruin a great story.

  • Location: Oakvale
  • Armour Rating: 200
  • Price: 410 Gold
  • Attractiveness: 0
  • Scariness: 26
  • Alignment Modifier: -13
Peirates Gloves

If a sailor is spending a long time at see, he needs to feel the sea-breeze between his fingers. These Gauntlets are perfect to keep your hands free, but the all important wrists sturdy.

  • Location: Oakvale
  • Armour Rating: 50
  • Price: 102 Gold
  • Attractiveness: 0
  • Scariness: 5
  • Alignment Modifier: -2
Peirates Trousers

To help prevent the ocean spray soaking through his trousers, Peiratēs lined the insides with fish skin. Whilst effective, the smell was extortionate.

  • Location: Oakvale
  • Armour Rating: 175
  • Price: 270 Gold
  • Attractiveness: 0
  • Scariness: 15
  • Alignment Modifier: -7
Peirates Boots

A man at sea needs sturdy boots with a strong grip. Peiratēs came up with a genius way of gaining additional grip by crafting the buckle in a way to provide more downforce from the strong sea breeze.

  • Location: Oakvale
  • Armour Rating: 25
  • Price: 51 Gold
  • Attractiveness: 0
  • Scariness: 5
  • Alignment Modifier: -2

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