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Area of Mourningwood
Location Information
Related Quests Gone But Not Forgotten
Enemies Hollow Men
NPCs Sam Spade
Max Spade
Elizabeth Spade
Exits Mourningwood

The Ossuary is an area of Mourningwood in Fable III which is accessible during the quest Gone But Not Forgotten.


It is an expansive, open area with numerous crypts and ruined towers dotted with trees and overgrown vegetation. There is also a room with spikes on the ceiling which can come down if the lever is pulled. There is also an organ in another area of it.

This area contains a Gold Door (which contains a random, yet empirically higher-tier and Alignment-dependent, legendary weapon - the only other certain place for obtaining such an item being the Auroran Demon Door), two silver keys (in one of the tombs near the entrance to The Ossuary, and at the top of the stairs where you chase Max there is a balcony to the left - vault down to the key), and Famous Kings of History: Old King Oswald, a rare book required for the quest The Pen is Mightier....

Fable III[]

Max Spade and the other spectral revelers ended up here after the end of the quest Bored to Death. Max's brother, Sam Spade, tried to stop him by asking the Hero to help. Using the power of the Normanomicon, Max sent large numbers of ghosts and hollow men to kill the Hero. After a chase, Sam asks his brother to stop, but his brother convinces him to disobey their mother and Sam helps to try and kill the Hero. Elizabeth Spade (their mother) appears and takes the brothers back to their graves after the Hero takes the Normanomicon away from them. If you choose to return to the Ossuary after the related quest is completed it will be inhabited by large sums of Hollow Man.

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