Orb of Magicka
Orb of Magicka
Type Trophy
Source Complete The Game
Related Quests The Game
Base value 2,000 gold

Orb of Magicka, otherwise known as the Orb of InterPlanar Transference, is a trophy gained by completing the Fable III quest The Game.

One of the properties of the orb is the ability to shrink people down. This is used by Mark and his friends to shrink the Hero of Brightwall so they can take part in the game Hollows and Hobbes. The orb may not be entirely safe, as in Mourningwood there is a grave marker for a man named Liam Hill who was killed during interplanar transference, which is what the orb is thought to do.


  • The name may be a reference to the Elder Scrolls series of video games, in which magicka is the energy used to cast spells. A better description can be found here.
  • The orb was originally purchased by one of the gamer's ancestors from Murgo, the same merchant that sold the infamous music box to the Hero of Bowerstone.
  • In the Lionhead online supplemental The Last Role of the Dice, it is revealed that the three gamers sold their Orb of InterPlanar Transference.
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