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Old Tin Mine
Cave in Westcliff
Old Tin Mine
Location Information
Enemies Bandits
Exits Westcliff

The Old Tin Mine is a small cave complex that can be found in Westcliff.

The Mine is filled with bandits and has one chest. In the chest there should be something with a base value of around 1000 Gold such as 1000 Gold or a Precious Necklace.


To gain access to the Old Tin Mine, you must first cliff-dive off the broken tower in the southeast of the map into the river. This tower can be found by turning right before the bridge (past the cabin) at the end of the trail from the Bandit Coast.

It can be found by swimming to the far west end of the top-most river path, then look for a cave on the right at the dead end. Once you have visited the Mine, it will become an available fast travel point in Westcliff.

To get back up, you need to swim back to the eastern most bridge, and hang a sharp right (doubling back under the bridge) to get into the bottom-most river path. It will dead-end into a cave with a ladder leading back up to the trail, with a one-way jump down onto the road at the top.

Fast travel also works for getting out of the cave and back to mainland Westcliff.

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