Old Gregg
Old Gregg
Species Human
Gender Male
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Dead

Old Gregg is a character in Fable II that locks you up when you first arrive in Wraithmarsh through the Cullis Gate made by Garth. He is soon swallowed by the coming fog, and presumably killed by Banshees, as both Gregg's and the Banshee's screams echo out of the fog. His body lies next to his house near the 'Drowned Farm'.

Trivia Edit

  • It is very likely that the character is based on Old Gregg from "The Mighty Boosh", a surreal BBC series. Both characters live alone in dark, damp places - TMB's in an underwater cave, and Fable II's in a swamp.
  • Little is known about Old Gregg, as he plays such a small part within the game. He seems to not like Bloodstone people, or any people for that matter, and says that he is going to burn you before he is slain.
  • Old Gregg seems to have somehow survived in Wraithmarsh, then, ironically, he dies when you appear. This may tie in to Hammer's statement at the end of Fable II, "A Hero finds battle, always." This suggests that the Hero put Old Gregg in danger just by being there.
  • He seems to save you after you collapse upon exiting Garth's faulty Cullis Gate.
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