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Important.png The following information is classified as Cut Content of Fable, which even though not being featured in the final playable version of such game, have been found in the game's code or provided by a reliable source.
Lookout Beggar.jpg
Old Adventurer
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Albion
Relationships Hero of Oakvale
Enemies Bully

Hero of Oakvale (Optional)

First Appearance Fable
Last Appearance Fable Anniversary
Status Alive

The Old Adventurer is a minor character that can be found in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary. He is encountered during the player's first visit to Lookout Point, which triggers the Beggar and Child quest. This is where he is being harassed by a young child known as the Bully. The Hero of Oakvale can either join the Bully in annoying the old man for evil alignment points, or help the Old Adventurer by attacking, belching or farting in the Bully's face for good alignment points.


The Old Adventurer is depicted as a poor old gentleman, who is down on his luck. His clothing is tattered, his hair and beard is grey, while his skin is scaly as though he never washes. This is further supported by the bully who claims that he doesn't want to catch his diseases.


  • you get good points for attacking the bully with any weapon or spell.
  • If you gross the bully out by belching, he himself burps thrice before leaving thoroughly disgusted.
  • If you gross him out by farting, he may throw up.

Cut Content[]

Mother's Note[]

There is an unused note in the game files, named Mother's Note which was written by the Hero of Oakvale's mother and was intended for Brom. In the letter it is heavily implied that The Old Adventurer is Scarlet Robe's brother and that he now begs from the same heroes, he once fought alongside. This is further confirmed by Co-Creator Dene Carter who says that the Old Adventurer is canonically meant to be Scarlet Robe's brother and that it is a tiny detail which never made it into the final game.

The note also suggests that the reason he retired from being an adventurer was because he got stung by a Wasp, which is why he now begs from other heroes outside of the Heroes' Guild.


  • Presentations and video footage for Fable before its release, show the Old Adventurer using a different set of animations where he is seen sitting down and scratching his face. Along with a purple hat that contains gold coins. None of these are used in the final release of the game.
  • In Fable, if you help the Old Adventurer in Lookout Point, he will imply that you might meet him again. This could be left-over dialogue that was intended to foreshadow an unused quest known as Travelling Beggar, where you would find him or the Bully in other towns around Albion.
  • The Old Adventurer claims that he was once a strong warrior, which supports the idea that he was probably a Hero that preferred the way of Strength in his youth.


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