Rural village in Albion
Location Information
Featured in Fable: Jack of Blades

  Oddwood is a location in Albion that appears in Fable: Jack of Blades.

Oddwood is a small humble town surrounded by a rich and fertile soil that many speculated could have made the town something great and renowned. The marketplace had developed a reputation for being an ideal place to shop for excellent farm foods and handmade crafts.

This utterly changed shortly after the Hero of Oakvale supposedly defeated the terrible Jack of Blades. The residents of Oddwood learned to their horror that Jack of Blades was allegedly alive and well. Enjoying a life free from harassment by the Heroes' Guild, Jack of Blades took a small army of bandits and took over, living a life of luxury, imposing strict martial law in order to ensure that none know of his resurgence, and executing any who would dare get in his way. Under his rule, Oddwood's streets became home only to desperate pickpockets, while its roads became unkempt and unappealing to traders and other travellers.

One of these travellers was the philosopher known only as Xiro. An unassuming man of simple thought and taste, Xiro nevertheless took to resisting the revived Jack of Blades, impeding his rule at every turn. For this defiance, Xiro was thrown into a cage to be executed by a balverine.

Eventually, Xiro managed to overthrow "Jack of Blades," who turns out to be a simple bandit leader by the name of Fred.


  • Fable III makes a reference to the events that took place in Oddwood with a grave in Mourningwood marked for "Fred of Blades, Jack of Blades lesser-known brother."