ORBS and the Multiworlds
Type Book
Source Fiction Burns
Base value 40 gold
Stars 1star

ORBS and the Multiworlds is a book in Fable II.

Contents of BookEdit

This scientific volume is an introduction to some of the more outlandish theories being discussed by Albion's pre-eminent academics today. According to the Multiworlds theory, every possible action available to us is being carried out in one of many parallel universes.
"Take a Hero from the legends popular among commoners as an example. Every time he is faced with a moral dilemma, he must choose only one path. There will be universes where he chooses good over evil, and others where the opposite is true. Indeed, every outcome from one of his battles, every possible relationship, every possible journey, will take place in one of these multiworlds. In some he will even be a woman!"
Proponents of the theory go so far as to suggest that a sufficiently attuned Hero would be able to detect these other versions of himself, possibly as small, floating orbs. Among the most extreme conjectures is the possibility that one might be able to interact with these orbs (or Other Reality Based Selves), though at this point the book veers into the realm of complete fantasy.

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