Norm and Aggie
Type Book
Source Fiction Burns
Base value 40 gold
Stars 1star

Norm and Aggie is a book in Fable II.

Contents of Book Edit

This sweet tale of two retired schoolteachers that find love late in life is a real departure from Meredith Sock's usually salacious affairs. Widower Norm and spinster Aggie meet on a picnic by Bower Lake, and immediately realize they are meant for each other. Over the next seven hundred pages, their romance blossoms as they take nice long walks, sit in front of a roaring fire shelling peas and reminisce about former pupils while discussing the decline of modern education. Despite the tender nature of the novel, readers was shocked by the ending, in which the septuagenarian couple steals a guards musket and hold up a general store. After that stand-off that lasts several hours, Norm and Aggie rush out into the street, wrinkled hands clasped together, and into a hail of gunfire.

Trivia Edit

  • This Book Is a refrence to Bonnie & Clyde

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