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Don Ferret.PNG
Nigel Ferret
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Bowerstone
First Appearance Fable III - Kidnapped
Last Appearance Fable III - Crime & Punishment
Status Alive (if released)

Deceased (if left in his cell)

"I cannot tell you how elated I am to have this unfortunate situation brought to a satisfying resolution."
— Nigel Ferret

Nigel Ferret is a prominent criminal leader in Fable III who controls his own gang and eventually controls all of the crime in Bowerstone.

He first appears in the quest Kidnapped, in which he and his gang have captured Geraldine/Gerald or Elise/Elliot, the wife/husband-to-be of Laszlo/Linda. He is stopped in his efforts by the Hero of Brightwall, who is on a mission to earn the trust of Page and the Bowerstone Resistance by earning the goodwill of the people of Bowerstone.

After the successful revolution, when the Hero has claimed the mantle of Monarch, it is reported that Nigel Ferret and his gang are now in charge of all crime in Bowerstone, and that they have moved to the more elaborate Hideout in Bowerstone Market. Tracking the group down after thwarting a holdup of The Cock in the Crown pub, the Hero and Page chase Nigel Ferret into a cell within the Hideout, which Mr. Ferret claims have a secret passageway with which he can make his escape. Unfortunately, the said passageway is located in the adjacent cell, leaving him trapped. In an attempt to free himself, he offers a 100,000 gold bribe to the Hero, much to the chagrin of Page and Elise/Elliot. It is up to the player if they wish to accept the bribe, which could aid in the campaign against the Crawler, or if they decide to leave Nigel Ferret in his cell, in which he will shortly starve.


He masks his true, ruthless nature using intelligence, often using an upper class tone when speaking, which includes the gratuitous use of advanced vocabulary. He also appears to be wealthy, as he offers the Hero 100,000 Gold in exchange for his release. He operates much like Nicky 'the Nickname' Chalmers from Fable II, albeit he appears to have many more people in his employment and is possibly wealthier. Chalmers only operated in Bowerstone Old Town, but Ferret operates in Bowerstone Industrial and Bowerstone Market. He is also smartly dressed, adding to his facade of an upper class gentleman.


  • Has a scar running down the left side of his face and appears to be blind in his left eye.
  • Even if Ferret's bribe is rejected and he is left to die in his cell during Crime & Punishment, he will not be present on any return trips to the Hideout.