Nicky "the Nickname" Chalmers
Species Human
Gender Male
Relationships Arfur (Gang Member)
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Possibly alive

Nicky 'the Nickname' Chalmers is a crook in Bowerstone Old Town in Fable II. He is the boss of Arfur and of a criminal gang. In your Childhood, Balthazar owes him money so he sends Arfur after him. He can be found listed on one of arrest warrants Derek sends the hero to find during their childhood. If the hero decides to return the warrants to Derek, Derek will mention (upon the Hero's return to Old Town) that due to that action, Nicky and his gang were arrested causing crime to drop greatly. If the warrants are given to Arfur, Mr Chalmers will be the effective ruler of Old Town. The crime lord and head of organized crime in Bowerstone operates much like that of the modern day Mafia. Although he is little mentioned nor actually seen in the game, the dialogue of his associate, Arfur and Derek the town guard suggest he is very powerful.

Arrest Warrant Edit

The following details are listed on Nicky "The Nickname" Chalmers' arrest warrant:

Nicky "The Nickname" Chalmers

Known aliases: Nick "The Nickname" Chalmers ( no relations )

Wanted For: Assault with a Deadly Weapon: Assault With a Potentially Deadly weapon: Assault with a Weapon We can't Believe Could Possibly Be Deadly but Unfortunately Was.

Wanted Dead or Mortally Wounded.

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