Enemy Information
Games Fable II See The Future
First Appearance The Cursed Knight
Related Quests The Cursed Knight
The Colosseum

A Necromancer is a type of enemy exclusive to the See the Future DLC in Fable II. There are only two necromancers included in the DLC.

Fighting Style Edit

Necromancers use their control over the dead to bombard their enemies with hollow men. They also have the ability to teleport to locations around their enemies, making them a very tough enemy to slay. Their fighting style can be described as being similar to a Banshee, without the invulnerability and more spawned enemies.

Cursed Knight Edit

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One of the two necromancers can be found during the Cursed Knight quest. The necromancer masquerades as a knight cursed into a large stone skull, and tricks the player into freeing him.

The Colosseum Edit

The final wave in The Colosseum is a necromancer. He fights the same way as the other necromancer, and killing him grants the achievement The Combatant.

Notes Edit

  • Using a high ranked lightning is a good way of doing a fair amount of damage. The "Stun Effect" that occurs after the spell hits the target will persist through a "teleportation." This means that the player can continue to damage the necromancer, even if it teleports out of sight.


  • During The Costume Party quest, the Necromancer is voiced by Peter Dickson, who also voiced Maze in Fable.
  • The Necromancer bears a striking resemblance to the many hooded statues seen in tombs in Bowerstone Cemetery, in the Shadow Court, and in various other dungeons throughout the game, as well as in the stained glass window in Lucien's study. The figure depicted in the window wears a dark hood, spiked gauntlets, and even holds a crown above its head, similar to the one worn by the Necromancer.
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