Necklaces are a type of gift which can be bought from stores in Fable II.

Types of Necklace Edit

Name Stars Description Poshness Romance Base Value
Rusty Necklace 1star Rumours of people's heads falling off after wearing cheap jewelery like this are mostly unfounded. -20.0% 22.5% 100
Economy Value Necklace 2stars It may look like a perfectly good piece of jewelery at first glance, but take a closer look and you'll see a very shoddy piece of garbage. -10.0% 22.5% 200
Pretty Necklace 3stars It's not an example of great workmanship, but it won't fall apart in your beloved's hands or cause even mild neck gangrene. 0.0% 22.5% 400
Precious Necklace 4stars An eye catching piece of jewelery that is almost too beautiful to be worn in public. 10.0% 22.5% 800
Solid Gold Necklace 5stars Jewelery like this is the reason rich people have steel-reinforced necks. An exquisitely crafted necklace, made with the finest and rarest materials. 20.0% 22.5% 1600
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