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N.W.A. Staff
Weapon Information
Type Staff
Damage 53
Base Value 488 Gold
Augmentations Sharpening,
Acquisition Snowspire (DLC)
Rating Light

The N.W.A. Staff is a unique staff weapon in Fable Anniversary. It is included in the Launch Day Weapons & Outfits Pack DLC. Once downloaded, it must be purchased at the Snowspire shop.


Are you a Will User? Does it bother you that nature deems it necessary for you to carry a weapon on your back at all times? Fear not, for the N.W.A. (National Will Association) has stuck up for the rights of the few, and created this one-of-a-kind piece. Use it wisely, it is the only one after all.


  • For mages, this weapon isn't better than the Dollmaster's Mace which also has a single Mana Augmentation and can be obtained far earlier in the game (and has far higher damage).

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