Murgo's Big Book of Trading
Type Book
Source Dig spot in Bowerstone Market
Fiction Burns
Base value 40 gold
Stars 1star

Murgo's Big Book of Trading is a book in Fable II which contains useful hints on earning gold through buying and selling commodities, taking advantages of sales and shortages, etc.

The book was written by Mystical Murgo. It can be purchased from Fiction Burns in Bowerstone Market, or from various travelling traders. The book may also be found, along with an amethyst, buried in a dig spot under the Eastern side of the Bower Bridge in Bowerstone. This dig spot is one of the few that do not harbour random items; thus the book and the amethyst are always found there. The Box of Secrets store on Knothole Island will give you the Brodican Warrior Queen Outfit in return for two copies of this book.

Contents of BookEdit

Murgo's book contains several chapters on subjects such as hoodwinking the public, passing old junk as precious, and the importance of a persuasive voice. More useful are the chapters on the basics of trading. A keen eye for sales and shortages is considered a essential skill, as is the ability to track down items at a reduced price. These can be sold in regions where stock is running low for greater profit. Murgo reminds readers that professional traders can have a big impact on a town's economy, driving prices up or down, and effecting welfare of hundreds of people with their choices. And one must never forget the advantage of having a winning personality when it comes to sweet-talking shopkeepers into giving you better deals.

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