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Mourningwood Fort
Area of Mourningwood
Location Information
Related Quests The Hollow Legion

Mortar and Mourning

Enemies Hollow Men
Lieutenant Simmons
NPCs Major Swift
Ben Finn
Exits Mourningwood
Shops Potion and Food Stall

The Mourningwood Fort is a fortress in the Mourningwood region of Fable III. Major Swift is the officer-in-command of the fort.


The soldiers at Mourningwood Fort, known as the Swift Brigade, will join your revolution after you help them battle a horde of hollow men in the quest, The Hollow Legion. The soldiers were sent to the fort by King Logan to combat the hollow men that infested that area. The Swift Brigade would have most likely died without the assistance of the prince/princess.


Stationed Soldiers

Shops and Stalls[]

The fort contains a small potion stall selling 3 Slow Time Potions for 500 Gold each and 5 Health Potions for 200 Gold each. The shop will disappear from the game following the quest and departure of the soldiers.

Mortar Game[]

Main article: Mortar and Mourning

After reaching a certain point in the main quest, you can purchase the fort for 40,000 gold, which lets you play the mini-game, Mortar and Mourning. Score over 2000 points to earn an achievement and a random legendary weapon.


At least four gravestones were inscripted for the soldiers that died in the Fort.

  • Doctor Skids. Could fix everything but himself.
  • Liutenant Simmons. His demise was untimely and unscheduled.
  • Private Timmins. Never left the fort.
  • Private Atkins. Didn’t know what he was getting himself into.


  • Beyond the mortar mini-game there is nothing that can be done with the fort following its purchase. It cannot be sold, rented out, decorated, used as a marital home or restored to full functionality (even though it protects an overland access point into Bowerstone Industrial and helps keep the hollow man infestation in check).
  • Shooting all the bottles off the table will cause the soldier who is doing target practice to become quite angry with you.

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