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Mortar and Mourning
Type Side Quest
Preceding The Bowerstone Resistance
Succeeding None
Start Mourningwood Fort
End Mourningwood Fort
Reward See below

Mortar and Mourning is the mini-game available after buying Mourningwood Fort when it becomes available as real estate. Score 2,000 points to earn the Kaboom! achievement as well as a random legendary weapon. Scoring over 2,000 points is also a requirement for unlocking augmentations on the Swift Irregular and Simmons's Shotgun rifles. Achieving this can be very difficult (many random variables involved), there is no simple answer that will allow it to be completed quickly beyond patience, luck and tenacity.


The ghost of Private Jammy assists the Hero protecting the Fort from Hollow Men. Various prizes are awarded based on points earned in a 200 second battle exactly like the one during the story quest.

Because 10 points are awarded per kill, it is better strategy to target the groups of Hollow Men that appear rather than single enemies. Private Jammy calls out where each group will spawn shortly before they appear.

Rewards and Scores[]

The Hero will be assigned a rank based on performance, and a randomized prize from each rank will be given. Very high scores, exceeding 2000 and without co-op, are awarded unique Rare Gems (Jet, Pearl, Amethyst, etc.) additionally or simultaneously to the below, whose price value at the pawnbrokers is 15,000-20,000 gold.

Name/Rank: Score: Prize:
Major Swift/General 2000

Random legendary weapon, Portrait of Major Swift, Portrait of Ben Finn

Ben Finn


Healing Potion, Shining Knight Armour
Private Jammy/Captain 1750 Random Gem (Ruby, Pearl, etc)
Grove/Lieutenant 1640 House Decoration (eg Aged Armor)
Gould 1500 None
Sergeant 1400 Trade Good (Crate of Wine)
Tyrell 1270 None given
Digger 1000 None given
Trevor 770 (Box of Chocolate)
Morris 500 None given
Lips 250 None given


  • There is currently a known bug with the achievement related to this activity. Sometimes, when the score above 2000 has been reached, no achievement will be given. Some players have found that by repeating the mini-game and continuing to score above 2000 and you may receive the achievement.
  • Sometimes no new waves of enemies will appear until the first wave has been completely destroyed by the mortar.


  • The Major Swift Portrait that you win is a unique item and can not be given away as a gift.
  • This quest can be helpful in obtaining the "Increase Moral Standing" augment of a weapon.
    • If one takes a follower to the mortar and positions them in cover whilst completing the mini-game, the augment will be instantly completed.

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