The Mortar is a cannon-like weapon in Fable III. It is used by elements of the Royal Army and by Logan's Guard.

This advanced weapon is first used during the story mission The Hollow Legion, where it serves as the primary artillery piece at Mourningwood Fort. Used to combat the legions of Hollow Men native to Mourningwood, the Hero of Brightwall is instructed in its use by Private Jammy on a series of scarecrows. However, it is soon revealed that one of the targets was a Hollow Man in disguise, who quickly summons allies to attack the fort. Although Jammy is killed in the ensuing conflict, the Hero's newly acquired skill with the mortar thinned the number of Hollow Men substantially, giving The Swift Brigade the advantage necessary to win the battle.

Mortars can be seen with other assorted artillery pieces and cannons in Bowerstone, especially near the front entrance of the Bowerstone Market. The Hero is also tasked with destroying a mortar in Bowerstone Old Quarter during the Battle for Albion to allow Kalin and the Auroran Navy to approach Bowerstone.

The mortar is available for use again in the mini-game, Mortar and Mourning, after buying Mourningwood Fort when it becomes available as real estate. The ghost of Private Jammy assists the Hero protecting the Fort from Hollow Men. Various prizes are awarded based on points earned in a second battle exactly like the one during the story quest, and it may be repeated however many times the player likes.

Because 10 points awarded per kill, it is better strategy to target the groups of Hollow Men that appear rather than single enemies. Private Jammy calls out where each group will spawn shortly before they appear.

The Hero will be assigned a rank based on performance, and a randomized prize from each rank will be given.

Rank: Score: Prize:
General 2000

Random legendary weapon (awarded only once), Major Swift Portrait, Captain Finn Portrait, Rare Gem

Captain 1800 Health Potion, Gem
Private Jammy 1750
Lieutenant 1600 Gift Item, Venerable Armor
Sergeant 1000 Trade item
Tyrell 1270
Trevor 770

Footage of story quest mission:


  • The first mortar was used in the late 17th century and was used until a smaller version was invented. The mortar in the game closely resembles those used during the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • When first playing the mortar mini-game, the top score is held by Major Swift.
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