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Millfields Mines
Mine in Millfields
Millfields Mine.jpg
Location Information
Related Quests Rescue the Miner's Brother
Enemies Hobbes
Exits Millfields

The Millfield Mines are located at the bottom of the Bower Pits quarry in Millfields, if you make the decision as King or Queen of Albion to drain the lake. Draining the lake is an evil act and will lose you favour with the people.

The mines have two entrances and exits, both in Millfields. Inside you will see a great pit. Only a puddle remains of what was once the lake, it can be seen at the bottom of the Bower Pits. There are catwalks, similar in style to those found in The Hole, that allow you to explore the area more. The mines contain two chests and three dig spots.

In the quest called Rescue the Miner's Brother, the mines eventually become overrun with scores of hobbes, forcing the miners to flee. However, one miner, Malcolm, instead fled to the upper levels, unable to make it out. Eventually, the Hero of Brightwall was able to kill the hobbes, save Malcolm, and reactivate the mines.


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