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Meredith Sock
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Bowerstone; had a home in Oakfield
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable III (Mentioned)
Status Deceased

Meredith Sock was a terrible author. Some of his books were exceptional but the majority bombed. They littered the literary landscape with absolute garbage, and the Gypsy Environmental Groups demanded Sock be banned from writing books or novels of any kind. The Group was backed by multiple lumber companies and farmers, because a Hero of some sort keeps cutting every tree for outrageous prices.

Fable II[]

Despite his awful writing, some of his books linger in book stores such as Fiction Burns in Bowerstone Market. Such books include:

Finally, Meredith's grave can be found in Bowerstone Cemetery, with the inscription: "Meredith Sock. Your novels suck."


Despite his grave being found in the Bowerstone Cemetery, a house in Oakfield named "The House of Sock" is described as the house wherein Sock wrote many of his books away from the public eyes of Bowerstone, where he had his 'main house'. The house in question is built after the return from the Spire Quest if The Temple of Shadows is decapitated in the Defender of the Light quest, and as such does not appear if the player chooses the Oakfield Massacre quest instead. This creates a continuity error, as his gravestone can be found in the Bowerstone Cemetery early in the game when the player may first visit it, yet he has a house in Oakfield which does not appear until the Hero returns from the Spire ten years later. A possible explanation for this is that the house had previously existed in that location but had been demolished, being rebuilt in the ten years the Hero was away in the Spire.


  • Despite the name 'Meredith' being more known as a feminine one, the aforementioned House of Sock refers to Sock as a male in the line "This is the cottage where bestselling novelist Meredith Sock wrote many of his books." Meredith is both a masculine and feminine name, though rare in the masculine case.


  • In Fable III, interacting with bookcases in the Reliquary will sometimes yield the following description: "The complete works of bestselling author Meredith Sock. Once incredibly popular, now considered rubbish."