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Mercenary Camp
Fable III Region of Albion
FableIII mercenary camp.jpg
Location Information
Related Quests In Wolf's Clothing

Shooting Range (DLC)

Enemies Mercenaries
NPCs Captain Saker
Lemmy (DLC)
Exits Regions
Mistpeak Valley
Shops Merc-antile (General Goods Store)

The Mercenary Camp is a region in Fable III. It is home to the Mercenaries.

After the defeat of Captain Saker, the camp will evolve into a small town, but there will only be three houses, one shop, and almost all the NPCs will still be mercenaries and can't be interacted with. The only NPCs that can be interacted with are a shopkeeper, two prostitutes and a handful of thugs. The Mercenary Camp will only evolve if you spare Saker. If you kill him, it becomes abandoned unless you have purchased the Understone DLC pack.

Understone DLC[]

In the Understone DLC pack, the mercenaries will have chosen a new leader in Lemmy, and the camp will expand to include a shooting range, where powerful guns can be won. The Mercenary Camp will not be abandoned if you killed Saker but you will still be unable to purchase any buildings there.


  • John McCormack. Ambushed by Sassenachs.
  • Guillaume Portes. Died of memory loss. Forgot how to live.
  • Michael Woolgar. Battled a mythical warrior for the reward of an ancient weapon. Didn’t win.
  • Mike McCarthy. Here he lies, the venerable beard. A horrible man whom people feared.
  • Kevin Fairbairn. Tried to hold his breath for ten minutes.
  • JC Taylor. Never pick a fight with a hamster.
  • Dennis Spencer Allen. Killed by a vicious hedgehog. In a better place now.
  • Anish Antony. Challenged Saker to meet his maker.

Notable Loot[]

  • Five treasure chests.
    1. Located at the end of a small hidden path near the first set of dog cages housing a black wolf.
    2. Located on top of a first high wooden lookout post in the middle of the camp which contains a Mercenary Chest Tattoo.
    3. Located near a small grave yard which contains a Mercenary Left Arm Tattoo.
    4. Located after the dog pens at left side of a house with a barricade which contains Mercenary Face Tattoo.
    5. Located before you enter the arena to fight Captain Saker near lamp post and barricade which contains 3x Slow Time Potion.
  • Two prostitutes, notable for their use in unlocking the Player augmentation on the Reaver Industries Perforator.
  • Portrait of Captain Saker, near the graveyard if the dog has high treasure hunting skill.
  • A dig spot is located near the second high wooden lookout post in middle of the camp on a high slope which contains the Mercenary Left Leg Tattoo.
  • A digspot is located before you enter the arena to fight Captain Saker near two trees in the undergrowth which contains the Mercenary Back Tattoo.


  • When the Hero first infiltrates the camp, just inside the gate to the camp proper, there is a mercenary in the right watchtower attempting to shoot a bird while singing. Shooting the bird for him will cause him to cry while saying he already misses him
  • When the Hero first infiltrates the camp, two mercenaries can be seen sparring in the center of the camp. If the player wanders too close, combat music will begin playing and the two mercenaries will attack the Hero. They will disengage and return to practicing if the player moves far enough away.

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