Memory Lane
Demon Door Realm
Memory Lane
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Exits Rookridge

Memory Lane is a realm of Albion in Fable II accessed through the Rookridge Demon Door.

Description Edit

The Demon Door has a passion for tricks, and thus asks you to have your dog perform a series of dog tricks. To access the door, the Hero must use expressions and have their pet react in five (5) unique ways to each expression. The Demon Door will mutter something about how it hasn't been amazed in centuries, and will then open.

Through the portal, the Hero finds that the realm has a sepia tint. This technique is often used to imitate faded monochrome photographs, or in this case, portray a 'memory'. The Hero will also find many things inside which resemble past events and places.

Within the realm, the Hero can find the following:

  • The bridge from the Gypsy Camp.
  • Some Gypsy caravans.
  • Railway tracks from Rookridge.
  • Thag's Cabin, filled with several statuesque figures.
  • The Temple of Light.
  • The statue commemorating both the metaphorical hammer that smashed the old beliefs of Avo and Skorm, and the real one that destroyed the temple of Avo to make room for the Temple of Light. (It may be the same statue from which Hammer acquired her hammer, as the statue's hands are empty.)
  • Murgo's Caravan.
  • Bowerstone Clock Tower.
  • A statue of a knight riding a boar (similar to the one in Bowerstone Market).
  • Set of houses from Bowerstone, and Castle Fairfax in the distance.
  • Barnum's photo background (from Childhood).
  • A sign attached to a tree reading 'Oakvale'.
  • The Tattered Spire.
  • A ship that looks similar to the ones from the Spire, seen above the Demon Door portal.

WARNING: This section or article may contain spoilers!

  • This Demon Door can only be accessed once you have acquired enough expressions for which your pet can respond.
  • If you attempt to access the door after completing the main quest, and chose Sacrifice or Wealth, a ghost of your dog will be waiting outside so you can open the door even after you have lost your dog.
  • Also, your dog will be waiting inside the Demon Door for you. He'll follow you and you may interact with him.

Obtainable Items Edit

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