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Melee Combat Test
Quest Card Emblem.png
Type Gold Quest Icon.png Gold Quest
Preceding Guild Training
Succeeding Guild Training
Start Heroes' Guild
End Guild Woods
Reward 20 Gold
30 Renown

Melee Combat Test is a main quest in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary, occurring during Guild Training. As you finish your childhood melee training, the Guild alarm sounds; looks like there's some Beetles loose in the Guild Woods. The Guildmaster sends you in to kill them.


After you enter the Guild Woods, you will find three Beetles on its eastern side. After each Beetle is defeated, a new one will emerge from the brush and join the fray. Each Beetle can be taken down with one hit from either your fists or your Stick. When ten Beetles have been killed the quest will be completed and the Guildmaster will call you back out of the woods.

After leaving the woods the Guildmaster who will praise you for ridding the woods of those pestilent beetles. He suggests that if you're looking for more gold the servants could do with some help, or you could have an early night.

Choosing to have an early night will end childhood and continue your Apprentice training and your next quest.


Kill the beetles infesting the Guild Woods.


  1. Kill the beetles infesting the Guild Woods.


  • Losing enough health while fighting the Beetles will force the Guildmaster to teleport you back into the Heroes' Guild. He even has unique dialogue for it.


  • It's possible to complete the quest without using your Stick, however, the Guildmaster will constantly say the phrase: "Use your stick." until you decide to unsheathe it. This was fixed in Fable Anniversary.
  • The Beetles have a very hard time hitting you, even when standing still. This could be due to their slightly smaller size to the ones you find outside of this quest.


  • The markers used for spawning the Beetles are still labelled as "Scorpion" in the game's level files for the Guild Woods
  • Unused dialogue for the game suggest that a Guard would protect the Guild Woods entrance and would only allow the Hero to enter if he got permission from the Guildmaster first.

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