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Mayor's Invitation
Quest Card Emblem.png
Type Bronze Quest Icon.png Bronze Quest
Preceding The Arena
Succeeding None
Start Bowerstone
End Bowerstone
Reward 100 Gold+ 15000 gold (If you marry Lady Grey)
150 Renown
Trophies Thunder's Helmet

Mayor's Invitation is a quest in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary.


Receive an invitation to the mayor's office. Encounter the flirty Lady Grey.

It starts in Bowerstone North where you are told by Lady Grey to do a series of tasks before you are able to marry her.


This quest can be started after you finish the Arena (regardless of whether or not you chose to kill Whisper). Head to Bowerstone North and talk to Lady Grey (near the entrance to Bowerstone Manor).

During this quest, you are tasked with bringing Lady Grey a Black Rose, owning a house and finding her necklace. To find the necklace, talk to people in Bowerstone North. Someone will tell you that he has seen it in Oakvale. Then go to Memorial Garden through Oakvale to find two men acting suspiciously. Sneak around them to the other side of the stone wall to overhear that the necklace is buried between two boats on the beach in Oakvale. Go there and dig it up (you can dig it up right after talking to Lady Grey; you don't actually need to talk or listen to anyone).

Finally, you may duel Thunder for the hand of Lady Grey. Once over, you may marry her without buying a ring. You will also receive 15,000 gold in dowry.[1]

Also, after marrying Lady Grey, the hero will be able to enter the Demon Door at the Grey House. Here he can obtain Ronok the Axe.

Duel with Thunder[]

Take the north exit out of Bowerstone North and there will be a cutscene of Thunder telling you to meet him at Headsman's Hill. When you get there, there's another cutscene and he'll have a crowd gathered to watch the duel.

He uses mostly melee, with occasional magic. His melee attacks consist of a punching attack if you're very close, a normal slashing attack if you're regular distance, and a spinning attack if you're reasonably far from him. Every melee hit from Thunder will knock you down even if you're blocking, but blocking will still drastically reduce damage (by about 98%). Said attacks actually have a high chance of missing even when you're standing still (and are otherwise easy to dodge).

He also has two Will attacks, Battle Charge (seemingly level 2, but doing slightly more damage) and a Lightning attack that the Hero can't access. When using his lightning attack, he lifts his sword in the air and lightning emanates in many directions from it, rotating around him. Despite its appearance it'll usually only hit you once. When using it, he will be invulnerable to melee attacks and you'll be slightly damaged and knocked down if you try. Shoot him with either a bow or lightning. Bow attacks will cause him to block the arrow and restart his lightning attack, unless you hit him on his sword side or in the back (in which case it'll do damage and cancel his attack). Using your own Lightning will always cancel his attack.

Thunder is extremely good at blocking - even melee attacks from behind. He'll also block bow attacks from his shield side or front, but not from his sword side or back. Using melee, the Hero will have to defeat him using flourishes or Berserk. He has decent resistance against both bow and Will attacks and is affected as much by Piercing as by Sharpening.

When reduced to half health, he'll knock the Hero off a cliff into a new area, where the fight will resume. After he's down to 25% health, he'll run into the nearby cave, where the fight must finish. When defeated, he'll give you his helmet and leave.

Ulterior Motives[]

If Investigating the Mayor is completed after marrying Lady Grey, she will immediately confiscate the evidence, preventing her husband from exposing her. If it is completed before marrying her, the Hero may choose either to give her the evidence or to expose her crime.

  • Surrendering the evidence before fetching either the black rose or the necklace will skip the need for both; quest progress will skip to the duel with Thunder.
  • If Lady Grey's crime is exposed, she will run away and the Hero will become Mayor of Bowerstone.

Mid-quest turn[]

If you talk to the woman who helps you woo Lady Grey, she will be sad about her loneliness, but say that the Hero and Grey will be happy together. Then the Hero may propose marriage to her instead. This will instantly give golden heart status, only requiring that she follow you to a marital home before finally proposing. She gives no dowry, however.

If this route is taken, Mayor's Invitation will fail and Investigating the Mayor will either fail or be locked out.


  • In Fable: TLC and Fable Anniversary, the last opportunity to abandon the courtship and complete Investigating the Mayor comes just after defeating Thunder but before speaking to Lady Grey. This will allow access to Headsman's Cave and the Silver Key there, but still permits the exposure of her crime. Declining marriage at this point will simply prevent the completion of either quest.
  • In Fable: TLC and Fable Anniversary, if Thunder has already been killed as part of the Souls of Heroes quest, then Lady Grey's offer of marriage will come when the Hero returns her necklace.
  •  Even if the Hero divorces Lady Grey, the demon door will still open and she will still seize the evidence.
  • If the Hero has killed Whisper, most of Thunder's lines will be about him wanting vengeance (instead of all about Lady Grey).
  • Unused text entries and cutscene scripts for Mayor's Invitation imply that Lady Grey wanted you to kill Thunder to marry her, at one point in the game's development. This could explain the blood that is seen on the trophy version of his helmet.
  • Investigating the Mayor cannot be started after finishing this quest.


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