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Maxley was a hobbe and the main character in the book "The Tale of Maxley". According to the story, Maxley was an unusually intelligent hobbe who longed to live among humans. So, he killed a rich trader, stole his clothes, and made for the town. The townspeople admired his clothes, mistaking him for a short human. But, when Maxley grumbled to them in his native tongue, they realised he was a Hobbe, killed him, and put his head on a pike.

"The Tale of Maxley" was also compiled into a poem by Mr. Gout, the Bowerstone school master for recital to his class. The poem is as follows:

There once was a hobbe, and Maxley was his name,

He was that rarest of hobbes; one with a brain.

One day he decided to travel to town,

So he slew a great nobleman and put on his gown.

In the village, by all he was complimented,

And though short in stature, he stood proud and erected.

But Maxley forgot who he was and grunted "hello",

And when they heard his voice, all they did know.

They called for the guards, who lobbed off his head,

It stuck on a pike, dumb, and ugly, and dead.

So before you open your mouth remember Maxley the hobbe,

For 'tis better to be thought an idiot than to be killed by a mob.
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