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Max and Sam Spade.jpg
Max Spade
Species Human, Ghost (Fable III)
Gender Male
Relatives Sam Spade (Brother)
Elizabeth Spade (Mother)
Deceased Father
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Deceased

Max Spade is the brother of Sam Spade, who is first found causing havoc in Fable II with the Normanomicon, or The Book of the Extremely Dead. The two brothers caused a significant number of hollow men to spawn Bowerstone Cemetery by reading from the book and later unleashed a vengeful banshee on Bloodstone.

They are mentioned in another Fable II quest, Rescuing Charlie, in which it was revealed that they first acquired the Normanomicon from the Tomb of Heroes. This once again caused further problems by activating a trap within the tomb, causing even more hollow men to spawn and fight both Charlie and the Hero of Bowerstone.

Fable III[]

Sam and Max return once again in Fable III but this time, with a twist. It has been many years after the events which took place in Fable II and now his ghost, along with his brother Sam, are after the Normanomicon once more in the Bored to Death quest. This time, the book is in their mother's grave. After getting them the book, they will throw a ghost party just outside the Ossuary entrance.

Later on in the game we find that Max becomes corrupt by the book and ends up using the power to try and kill the Hero of Brightwall. Sam disagrees with this and helps out the hero. However, after some convincing, Max eventually persuades Sam to join him and they both attempt to kill the Hero again with an army of ghosts and hollow men. Eventually, the ghost of Elizabeth Spade comes along and tells them to stop their mischievous behaviour at once, which they do.


  • During the second quest to stop Sam and Max from causing more trouble in Wraithmarsh, you must speak to their mother who, during the conversation with her, reveals that their full names are Max and Sam Spade
  • Max and Sam play an important role in the prophecy in book "The End is Almost Nigh". The prophecy says that two brothers (Max and Sam) will unleash howling death (the banshee) to a town of blood (Bloodstone).
  • Voiced by Dave Lamb.
  • Max and his brother's name could be a reference to Lucasarts' adventure game(s), Sam and Max. Their character models are based on two brothers who worked at Lionhead Studios, Simon and Dene Carter.