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Mary Godwin
Mary Godwin
Species Human
Gender Female
Home Godwin Estate
First Appearance Fable III
Status Decision based

"Witchcraft Mary" Godwin is one of the antagonists in the Fable III DLC Traitor's Keep.

During the prison riot at Ravenscar Keep (where she was one of the most notorious prisoners) she is able to escape and travels back to the Godwin Estate in order to proceed with her scientific experiments. She has succeeded in necromancy and is able to train Balverines, Hobbes, and Hollow Men to do her bidding. She was able to summon Hollow Men that were immune to any kind of harm unless they walked into light that was being emitted from a stone circle in the ground. This had to be done in order for Mary to carry out her plan of becoming more than just human. Her research with Hobbes allowed her to take ordinary Hobbes and colour-coat them red, green, then blue. As a red Hobbe was defeated, the body would disappear and two smaller green Hobbes would replace it. When one of the green Hobbes was defeated four even smaller blue Hobbes would replace that. In her research with Balverines she was able to create Poison Balverines. In her battle against the Hero she is able to take all the qualities of a Hollow Man, Hobbe, and Balverine and becomes a hybrid of all three. During the battle she starts as a red Hobbe and proceeds to green and finally blue Hobbes. When the final Hobbe is defeated she transforms into an Elder Hollow Man. After this form is defeated she comes back as a White Balverine. When Mary becomes a White Balverine, inside the tanks surrounding the arena are Poison Balverines that break out and join the fight. When this form is finally defeated, she becomes human and the Hero is given the option to either spare or kill her. If she is spared, when they return back to the prison Commander Milton says she will be transferred to another institution in order to get the help she needs.


  • The name "Mary Godwin" is a reference to Mary Shelley, famous author of the novel Frankenstein, whose maiden name was Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin. Mary Godwin is defined by her obsessive experimentation and taboo practices, which are overarching themes throughout Shelley's novel.
  • After her defeat she looks noticeably aged, with white hair, black eyes, and a frail appearance as opposed to her more youthful look before her defeat.
  • The Godwin family portraits seen inside the mansion at the Godwin Estate reveal that Mary's family has a history of experimenting with transmogrification.
  • If she is spared, Mary will leave her cell and wander the halls of the prison until the player exits the area. Oddly, she will speak in the voice and fashion of a lower class villager.
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