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A Marital home is a house the player owns and in which he/she resides with his/her spouse. Most houses in the settlements of Albion and Aurora can be used as marital homes should the player decide to do so by interacting with the sign outside the house or through the map in Fable III.

Fable and Fable: TLC[]

In Fable and Fable: TLC, each town will have a marital home for sale when the hero first arrives to that settlement. The hero can purchase these houses at any time he chooses to do so, because no villagers will occupy them unless the hero rents them out. They will be marked on the map with the "building for sale" icon. These houses are the only ones that a hero's couple can live in and also the only ones that can be improved with new furniture by using the second sign that appears outside the house once it has been bought. Improving these houses will raise their value, allow the hero to place trophies inside, please the hero's couple or, if the house is rented out, raise the rent obtained from that house. The improvements made on these houses are permanent, although the trophies may be removed even after the hero sells the house.

Marital homes by settlement:

  • Bowerstone South: the house by the school. Base price is 1500 gold.
  • Oakvale: the house closest to the bridge, which is the same house where the Hero lived with his family during his childhood. Base price is: 5000 gold.
  • Knothole Glade: The house to the right of the Chief's house. Base price is 9000 gold.
  • Hook Coast: The first house coming down from the Cullis Gate, near the lighthouse. Base price is 29000 gold.
  • Snowspire Village: The northernmost house, near the tattooist. Base price is 25000.

Owning one of these houses is a requirement for marriage, as no other houses can be used to live in with a couple. Since there are just five marital homes, the greatest number of spouses a hero can have at a time is five (not counting Lady Grey).

Fable II and Fable III[]

In Fable II and Fable III, almost any house may be bought and used as a marital home. After proposing to someone, the hero will be prompted to chose a home for his/her new family. Once the home is chosen, any children the couple have will be inside a crib in the house and grow up after a time. The hero may move the family to a different home by asking the spouse to follow and then choosing the new home or by interacting with the map in the Sanctuary in Fable III.

These homes can also be redecorated in any way by interacting with the furniture in the house. The sign outside the house also allows the hero to decide what is the allowance given to the spouse each day.