Mare's Teeth Hills
Region of Edgelands
Mare's Teeth Hillls
Location Information
Featured in Fable: The Journey
Enemies Rockmites
Exits Fairwood
Thorndeep (Location)

Mare's Teeth Hills is a semi-forested region in the Edgelands that is traversed during Fable: The Journey.  As its name suggests, it is a rocky mountainous region with woods that became more pine-tree filled as it approaches Thorndeep. There are lots of ruins and most of the main road seem to be carved in the montain creating wide tunnels-like regions.

 The Spirit ChambersEdit

The Spirit Chambers is an ancient temple within a cave, located in the base of the Mare's Teeth Hills in the Edgelands. It is the first temple of the Enlightened found in the main storyline.

Thornhatch Edit

Thornhatch is a small area between Mare's Teeth Hills and Thorndeep Forest. Sparse conifers litter the side of the road, and a few Old Kingdom ruins can be found scattered throughout the area.

Thornhatch Halt Edit

Beside a cluster of ruins in a natural cavern between two rock arches sits a large campsite. The field contains a water trough and a few trees. A waterfall flows out of the cliff face in the back corner of the field.

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