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Mana Augmentation
Mana augmentation
Type Augmentation
Effects Charges Will mana faster
Source Weapon Smiths
Base value 45000 gold

The Mana Augmentation is one of the eight Augmentations from Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary. It can be attached to any weapon with an available Augmentation slot. This augment allows your mana to recharge faster every time the augmented weapon is equipped.

Description Edit

Regenerates Mana Energy continuously while the augmented weapon is assigned as your melee or ranged weapon. Bind this augmentation to your weapon through the Weapon Menu. Remember, this is permanent!

Visual EffectEdit

Weapons Sporting Mana Augmentations show blue sparks along the weapon's edge.


Weapons Sporting Mana AugmentationsEdit


  • Using a Mana Augmentation will allow the Hero of Oakvale to regen his mana while using physical shield.
  • One lesser known trick is to stack mana augmentations on a master crossbow for a melee/magic character, just having it equipped on your character gets you the regen benefits.
  • You can get a maximum of 7 mana augments active at once with a master crossbow and the frying pan.

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