Type Miscellaneous
Effects Raise a villager's good opinion of you
Source General Goods Stores
Base value 100 gold
Stars 1star

A Lute is an instrument in Fable II that can increase good points when played well. It is also very useful for making people like you, as it gives a great bonus. It is possible for the Lute expression to be extended.

Description Edit

A musical instrument which brings joy to all around.

Fable III Edit

In Fable III you are able to play the lute in a job called Lute Hero, but cannot use it at any other time. There is an achievement called Lute Hero Tour for playing in all towns as a five star lute player.

Notes Edit

  • A lute is needed for the Bloodstone Demon Door.
  • Two lutes can be traded in the Box of Secrets on Knothole Island for the Axe of Disharmony.
  • The Lute is generally inexpensive with a purchase price around a hundred gold depending on the economy, Hero opinion, and any active sales or shortages.
  • They can be found in general stores, gift stalls and gift traders.
  • Playing it hints that the Hero may be ambidextrous, since, while he wields his weapons in his right hand, he plays the lute using his left. However, Roland the Bard, along with several gypsy bards, also seem to play with their left hand, so this may simply be to make it easier for the animators.
  • When posing for a sculptor and you use this item, the statue will look like you have an air guitar pose.
  • Using a lute can, if successfully extended long enough, cause almost everyone in that area to fall in love. The easiest way to do this is to pay the bard to sing his song, and play the lute along with him.
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