Lucien the Lunatic
Lucien the Lunatic
Type Book
Source Fiction Burns
Base value 640 gold
Stars 5stars

Lucien the Lunatic is a book in Fable II.

Contents of this BookEdit

Subtitled "The Unauthorized Biography", this is one of the few surviving copies of the unofficial life story of Lord Lucien, most of them having been destroyed in a great fire (along with the anonymous author, according to some). It delves into the darker and more secretive parts of Lucien's history, from the claims that his grandmother was a madwoman who had to be locked in the attic, to the speculation that there may have been foul play in the death of his sister. The book contends that the loss of his wife and daughter later in life plunged Lord Lucien not just into despair, but into the kind of insanity that almost certainly runs in the Fairfax blood. His strange obsession over ancient texts, his expeditions abroad, and a newfound ruthlessness would all lend credence to that theory. The book ends with a warning, "for who knows what catastrophe a man of such power and drive may bring upon us if he has indeed been consumed by lunacy?"

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